Peter Falke Wines – Excellent wines from a unique terroir

The Peter Falke Wines winery is located on the Groenvlei Farm in the picturesque Stellenbosch region at the slopes of the famous Helderberg Mountains. The winery is owned by Peter Falke, the famous German hosier, along with his French wife Daniele. The wine farm’s origins go back to the 18th century yet it was not until the late 1990s when it reached its full potential. The old Cape Dutch style was elegantly mixed with contemporary modernity. Several metres tall red corkscrews tower from the earth and on the walls of the manour house, waterfalls of colourful bougainvilleas drape like feather boas. A state-of-the-art cellar, the exclusive outdoor tasting facility, where light snacks, such as cheese platters and European-style salads are carefully selected to complement Peter Falkes wine portfolio, as well as the unique wine tasting in the luxury boutique complete the philosophy of Peter Falke Wines. The wine region Stellenbosch is […]

Discover wines of Aaldering and Hidden Valley at CAPREO

Aaldering and Hidden Valley Wines new at CAPREO The boutique wineries Aaldering and Hidden valley are true to the saying ‘small but mighty’. On a relatively small cultivation area, both have found their very own specialisation. Whilst Hidden Valley understands to create harmonious as well as simultaneously complex blends in the premium segment, Aaldering very successfully focuses on the different variations of the national grape variety Pinotage. Aaldering The Devon Valley in Stellenbosch offers the winery Aaldering unique microclimatic conditions and therefore the best environment to produce fantastic wines. The focus is mainly laid on the South African national vine Pinotage. Besides the well-known red wine, Pinotage is also vinified into white and rosé wine. We particularly recommend the red wine Lady M, an exclusive Pinotage that impresses with elegance and soft tannins. Just as exciting is the white Pinotage, a classic Blanc de Noir which entices with a full […]

Rickety Bridge wines new at CAPREO

The boutique winery Rickety Bridge from Franschhoek Valley belongs to the most advanced wineries in South Africa in terms of technology and skill. Apart from the state-of-the-art wine cellar, the estate looks back on a long history providing the place and its wines with that unique feeling of heritage. This is what makes Rickety Bridge such an excellent estate. Provided by nature with ideal conditions the winemaker Wynand Grobler knows how to create outstanding wines. Visitors are encouraged to visit the wonderful on-site restaurant known as Paulina’s; here you can travel on the Franschhoek Wine Tram and take in the breath-taking scenery of the Franschhoek Mountains. Why not spend the night at the estate’s fantastic accommodation to pamper body and soul either at the Manor House and the Basse Provence Country House. The wines of Rickety Bridge are divided into three different lines. The Rickety Bridge Range promises single grape […]


South Africa Specialist Changes Name after Losing a Legal Battle Dear South-Africa Lover, Starting 1st of October 2014 we will go by the new name CAPREO. This name change is necessary as we have recently lost an 18-month lawsuit against the company J Garciá Carriòn S.A. of Madrid at first instance with the European trademark and patent office. The Spanish enterprise is one of the largest producers of sangria, fruit juices and wines worldwide and saw a potential confusion with its own brand DON SIMON in our trademark application RED SIMON. Unfortunately, J Garciá Carriòn has refused invitations for meetings to achieve an amicable settlement and differentiation of our trademark usage before the lawsuit. We are disappointed with the decision of the trademark and patent office since we think it is neither fair legally nor adheres to common sense yet being a small company, we simply don’t have the strength […]


South African wine is known throughout the world – by no means are the South African top quality wines a secret anymore but rather a regular feature in every well-assorted wine cellar. TOKARA very impressively proves that the wineries can contribute even more to a life full of indulgence. On this winery, the noble olives which are then pressed into the finest oils are thriving. TOKARA offers a wide variety of first class olive oils which all feature a typical poignancy in their finish which is essential for premium oils. Marc Lester from the winery advises to try out a drizzle olive oil over ice cream; besides, RED SIMON has created another delicious recipe for you which lets the TOKARA Premium Olive Oil shine. Why not give it a try? INGREDIENTS for Dressing: 1x teaspoon Dijon Mustard (smooth) 50g fine parsley – frilly 50ml Tokara Premium Olive oil 20ml White […]